Digital literacy is the ability to use information and communication technology (ICT) to evaluate, create, and communicate information, desirable for the well-being of individuals, communities, and society. Science is a way of knowing, a process, a product, and an institution. Science enables people to engage in the construction of new knowledge and use information to achieve desired ends. Access to science - whether using knowledge or creating it – necessitates a level of familiarity with the enterprise and practice of science, referred to as science literacy. Contemporary definitions of science literacy have expanded to include: an un ...

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Science20 Communiqué, G20 Indonesia 2022

Executive Summary The Science20 (S20) recommends that the G20 governments tackle challenges in the priority issues that cover: building resilient health systems, enhancing adaptive capacity of health systems to climate change, bolstering multi-disciplinary science and technology for pandemic preparedness and climate change, guaranteeing that people are at the center, and strengthening the nexus between data-research-policy-practice for climate change, pandemic preparedness and economic recovery. The S20 recommends the following action measures: 1. WHO should globally coordinate the implementation of the proposed actions, to ensure alignment w ...

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Meninjau Kembali Pendidikan Agama untuk Mengangkat Harkat Kemanusiaan

Meninjau Kembali Pendidikan Agama untuk Mengangkat Harkat Kemanusiaan   ...

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Evidence Summit on Reducing Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Indonesia

Indonesia still faces major challenges in the health sector, including in reducing maternal and neonatal mortality. Based on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) data in 2015, every day more than 40 mothers in Indonesia die of childbirth. This record is certainly worrisome, particularly for Indonesia that has been included in the G20 group, which consists of countries with the largest economy in the world. Moreover, efforts to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality have been carried out for a long time. ...

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Laporan Tahunan Akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia mengupas berbagai program dan kegiatan AIPI selama tahun 2018. ...

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Evidence Summit Mengurangi Kematian Ibu dan Bayi Baru Lahir di Indonesia

Laporan Konsensus Evidence Summit Mengurangi Kematian Ibu dan Bayi Baru Lahir di Indonesia ...

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Laporan Tahunan Akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia 2017

Laporan Tahunan Akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia mengupas berbagai program dan kegiatan AIPI selama tahun 2017. ...

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Evidence Summit untuk Mengurangi Kematian Ibu dan Bayi Baru Lahir di Indonesia

Merupakan program yang dilaksanakan Akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (AIPI) selama Juni 2016 hingga Maret 2018. Program ini merupakan tindak lanjut dari kajian bersama Akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (AIPI) dan the US National Academy of Science (NAS), Reducing Maternal and Neonatal Mortality in Indonesia (2013), yang menemukan bahwa Indonesia kekurangan data dan informasi yang valid tentang kematian ibu dan bayi baru lahir selama beberapa dekade. Evidence Summit dilakukan untuk mendukung pemerintah Indonesia serta pemangku kepentingan pendidikan dan pelayanan kesehatan dalam mengatasi persoalan kematian ibu dan bayi baru lahir. ...

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Laporan Tahunan Akademi Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia 2016

Tahun 2016 merupakan tahun ke-26 AIPI hadir untuk memacu perkembangan dan keunggulan ilmu pengetahuan di Indonesia. Selama kurun waktu itu pula organisasi ini berproses, seiring dengan perkembangan dan lika-liku yang dihadapi negeri ini.  Kepercayaan yang AIPI dapatkan selama ini membuat kami berkomitmen untuk menjadi organisasi yang semakin profesional dan terpercaya untuk memberikan saran dan masukan berdasarkan ilmu pengetahuan kepada bangsa Indonesia. Laporan Tahunan 2016 pun kami produksi dengan format berbeda dari tahun-tahun sebelumnya, agar semakin banyak pihak memahami peran dan fungsi AIPI yang semakin berkembang layaknya akad ...

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Indonesian Academy of Sciences Annual Report 2016

  The year 2016 marked the 26th year of AIPI promoting the development and excellence of science in Indonesia. Along those years, this organization has grown with the development and challenges faced by Indonesia.  The trust endowed to AIPI has strongly encouraged us to become a more professional and trustworthy organization in providing suggestions and inputs based on science for Indonesia. Therefore, AIPI Annual Report of 2016 has also been produced in a different format from the previous years, to provide a comprehensive depiction of AIPI's evolving role.  Download Indonesian Academy of Sciences Annual Report 2016 (E ...

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