SAINS45: Indonesian Science Agenda Towards A Century of Independence

Indonesia 's Science Agenda , SAINS45 , is a thought and the work of young scientists Indonesia . Those who strive to continue to work and give the best for the country, despite the giddiness of the support given by the state to maintain their scientific excellence . This agenda formulation science examines what Indonesia needed to address the challenges facing Indonesia in realizing the ideals of a nation united , sovereign , fair , prosperous , prosperous , superior , competitive and respected world . SAINS45 consists of 45 basic questions that are grouped into eight clusters problem , namely : (I) IDENTITY, DIVERSITY, AND CULTURE; (I ...

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Begawan Pemacu Ilmu Pengetahuan

Buku Begawan Pemacu Ilmu Pengetahuan ini merupakan sumbangan pemikiran berbagai anggota AIPI di bidang-bidang ilmu dasar, kedokteran, rekayasa, sosial dan ranah kebudayaan. Besar harapan kami bahwa di masa depan hubungan AIPI dengan masyarakat ilmuwan dan cendekiawan Indonesia secara luas dapat bertambah erat. ...

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