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The 2nd Indonesian Frontiers of Social Sciences and Humanities Symposium: Call for Expression of Interest


Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) will organize the 2nd Indonesian Frontiers of Social Sciences and Humanities Symposium that will be held in Bogor, 4-6 November 2015. The 1st Indonesian Frontiers of Social Science Symposium was held in Lombok (17-19 October 2013) and was attended by 40 best young social scientists.

The Indonesian Frontiers of Social Sciences and Humanities Symposium (previously the Indonesian Frontiers of Social Science Symposium) is an initiative of AIPI, organized by a committee of young scholars. This symposium is held biannually and bringing together some of the best young scientists to discuss exciting advances and opportunities in the discourse, theory and methodology as applied to the empirical world that encourages informal collectives as well as one-on-one discussions among participants. This symposium will select 40 academics (PhD under 45 years of age) who have made significant contribution to social sciences and humanities.

The participants will present and report their current studies to an academically trained and scientifically multidisciplinary audience. The participants are expected to highlight their major research findings, methodologies, and constraints to progress at the frontiers of their respective fields. The attendees need to actively participate in general discussion, from which they are expected to initiate collaborative relationship with other young scientists.

The Indonesian Academy of Sciences (AIPI) has formed an Organizing Committee of young scientists, chaired by Dr. Sudirman Nasir with Dr. Roby Muhamad, Dr. Sahiron Syamsuddin, Dr. Najib Burhani, Dr. Inaya Rakhmani, and Dr. Teguh Dartanto as members.

This symposium will be held in Bogor in November 4-6, 2015. The theme of the symposium is Identity: Continuity, Change, and Contradiction”. Identity, broadly construed, has become increasingly complex and problematic in the interconnected, globalized, and multipolar world we live in today. This has created challenges that must be addressed through deep understanding of our own diversity.The symposium will discuss six topics:

  1. Politics of Identity and Conflicts
  2. Indonesian Culture and Heritage
  3. Locality and Globalization
  4. New Forms of Inequality, Poverty and Social Capital
  5. Digital Humanities and Democratization
  6. Science, Technology and Society

The Organizing Committee invites expression of interest from young social scientists to participate in the symposium.

Applicants should:

  1. Have a doctoral degree and actively conduct/participate in research as shown by their peer-reviewed publications.
  2. No more than 45 years old at the time of application.
  3. Submit a brief CV (no more than 2 pages) highlighting their publication lists.
  4. Submit one exemplary peer-reviewed article within the last five years that represents your research.
  5. Fill the form, include a brief statement (no more than 500 words) on what you would like to present at the meeting if you are selected.


Application could be written in English or bahasa Indonesia and please send to:  by no later than October 1st, 2015. now is closed.

Why You Should Apply

The Academy will provide travel and accommodation for the selected participants. Participants will have the opportunity to meet and discuss their research with 40 of the best Indonesian young academics and will be part of the network of the Indonesian Young Academy of Sciences. This symposium will also provide opportunities for and promote the development of future collaborations.

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